New Homes for Feathered Friends of Clifton Backies!

As part of National Nest Box Week, the Friends of Clifton Backies group decided to make and put up a number of bird nest boxes on site.

We purchased some wood and fixings, and set about making boxes with a hole suitable for Tits and Sparrows, and open boxes for Robins. Steve and Rob helped me to build 13 boxes in total! They were all then externally painted with environmentally-friendly wood preservative. Here’s a picture of the finished boxes:

IMG_0780 (Medium)

At the beginning of March, my son and I took a pair of ladders to install the boxes at Clifton Backies.

After fixing a few, I noticed that prospective tenants were already taking a look in the holes only 10 minutes after installation!

Here’s a few photos of the installation and a couple of nest boxes in situ:

IMG_0781 (Small) IMG_0782 (Small) IMG_0784 (Small)








Let’s hope that they will help the birds to keep safe and raise plenty of young!