Fantastic Mr. Fox! & Buttercup Meadow


Fantastic Mr. Fox! – This fine animal was very boldly exploring the hay meadow near the Oak trees

Buttercup Meadow

Buttercup Meadow in May

This fine show of yellow is from the North meadow where the main species present are Creeping Buttercup (ranunculus repens) and Meadow Buttercup (ranunculus acris). The Creeping Buttercups are low-growing and carpet the meadow, whereas Meadow Buttercups are a taller variety.

New Homes for Feathered Friends of Clifton Backies!

As part of National Nest Box Week, the Friends of Clifton Backies group decided to make and put up a number of bird nest boxes on site.

We purchased some wood and fixings, and set about making boxes with a hole suitable for Tits and Sparrows, and open boxes for Robins. Steve and Rob helped me to build 13 boxes in total! They were all then externally painted with environmentally-friendly wood preservative. Here’s a picture of the finished boxes:

IMG_0780 (Medium)

At the beginning of March, my son and I took a pair of ladders to install the boxes at Clifton Backies.

After fixing a few, I noticed that prospective tenants were already taking a look in the holes only 10 minutes after installation!

Here’s a few photos of the installation and a couple of nest boxes in situ:

IMG_0781 (Small) IMG_0782 (Small) IMG_0784 (Small)








Let’s hope that they will help the birds to keep safe and raise plenty of young!